• Are there modifications if you are unable to do some of the movements? 

    21Strong is for everyone! There are low impact modifications for everybody! If you don’t want to jump or have trouble with your joints there’s modifications for you! Level 1 is doable for everyone. Level 2 is difficult and aspirational. As you do the program you’ll get better and better and yo...
  • Does a nutrition guide come with the program? 

    A nutrition guide does not come with 21Strong however Kari teamed up with a dietician to create a nutrition guide to follow along while doing the Power Programs called PowerAbs In The Kitchen. PowerAbs In The Kitchen offers nutritional information, grocery lists, recipes, calendars, and more!
  • Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! Like all our other programs once you purchase you will get lifetime access to the program!
  • Do I need any equipment? 

    The program is a combination of bodyweight exercises and weighted exercises using dumbbells. Level one will use light dumbbells at a weight that is appropriate for you!. Level two will use a set of moderately heavy dumbbells at a weight that is appropriate for you.
  • Do we need Facebook for this program? 

    Like our other programs, 21Strong will be active in your online portal and once purchased you will have lifetime access!
  • I already have PowerAbs and PHIIT, why do I need 21Strong?

    This program is 21 minutes to a leaner, fitter, sculpted you! I’ve taken the best of my knowledge and placed this into one program. In these 21 minutes you will get more work done than in traditional 45 minute workouts. It will raise your heart rate so you burn calories not only in the workout, ...
  • Is there a warm up before each workout? 

    There is not a prescribed warm up in the workout videos but you are able to complete your own warm up before if you wish to before starting the workout.
  • Is this included in Kari Pearce on Demand and the VIP Club?

    Yes! This program can be accessed with your subscription to either Kari Pearce on Demand or the Kari Pearce Health and Wellness VIP Club.
  • Should I combine this with other programs? 

    We recommend only following 21 Strong! With 21Strong you will be going 10 minutes non stop, one minute rest and then another 10 minute all out workout! This is an intense 21 minutes and your heart rate will be increasing all the way through and you’ll maintain that high level to make you fitt...
  • What is 21Strong? 

    21Strong is a 21 minute workout, the first 10 min focuses on a body part, one day with PowerLegs, Summer PowerArms, PowerGlutes, and PowerAbs and the final day combines PHIIT Strength with PowerAbs. Every day you will have a 1 minute rest after the first 10 minutes and the second 10 minutes wil...
  • What results should I expect from the program with so much variety of movement? 

    This intensity of 21 Strong means you’ll burn more calories, more fat, lose inches, get greater definition, build sculpted sexy, lean muscle and improve your fitness level! See results as soon as a few days, in 30 days you can expect to see a full body transformation.
  • Why 21 minutes?

    21Strong will combine two programs for you without the guesswork! Helping you to prevent overworking certain bodyparts which can lead to injury and falling off the fitness wagon! Each day will consist of two ten minute workouts with one minute of rest in between. The first workout will focus on...
  • Your programs have always been 10 minutes, why is this one 21 minutes? 

    This program has been created as we see many members stacking our programs but request recommendations of what to stack therefore Kari has married together the Pearce Power Programs to take out the guesswork and create a combination structure!