• Are there modifications if you are unable to do some of the movements? 

    There are low impact modifications for everybody! If you don’t want to jump or have trouble with your joints there’s modifications for you!
  • Are the workouts repeated from previous programs?

    These are 5 brand new workouts exclusive to PHIITTER.
  • Does a nutrition guide come with the program? 

    A nutrition guide does not come with PHITTER however Kari teamed up with a dietician to create a nutrition guide to follow along while doing the Power Programs called PowerAbs In The Kitchen. PowerAbs In The Kitchen offers nutritional information, grocery lists, recipes, calendars, and more!
  • Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! Like all our other programs once you purchase you will get lifetime access to the program!
  • Do I need any equipment? 

    The program is a combination of bodyweight exercises and weighted exercises using dumbbells. Level one is bodyweight only. Level two will use a set of dumbbells at a weight that is appropriate for you.
  • Do we need Facebook for this program? 

    Like our other programs, PHIITTER will be active in your online portal and once purchased you will have lifetime access!
  • How is Super PHIIT different from PHIITTER?

    Super PHIIT is more of a mix of PHIIT Strength and PHIIT so more guided towards strength and muscle building with a high intensity aspect. PHIITTER  is a direct progression of PHIIT and will get and keep your heart rate up more. This will help you burn more calories and fat!
  • I already have PHIIT. Why do I need to do PHITTER?

    It is a well thought out and designed program to get you maximal results in just 10 minutes a day. You do not have to think about what you are going to do for the day’s workout because that work is already done for you. All you have to do is set 10 minutes in your schedule and get after it. Give ...
  • Is there a warm up before each workout? 

    There is not a prescribed warm up in the workout videos but you are able to complete your own warm up before if you wish.
  • Is this included in Kari Pearce on Demand and the VIP Club?

    Yes! This program can be accessed with your subscription to either Kari Pearce on Demand or the Kari Pearce Health and Wellness VIP Club.

    How they are different Has more difficult movements and combinations. There is less rest. It is recommended to do PHIIT or have training in high intensity fitness before doing PHIITTER. How they are similar One level is bodyweight only, the other level is bodyweight and dumbbells. They are...
  • Should I combine this with other programs? 

    Yes you can combine this with other Pearce Power Programs. We would recommend combining this with PowerAbs as this will help to torch fat whilst PowerAbs strengthens the core to help with these movements as well as creating that definition!
  • What is PHITTER? 

    PHIITTER is a full body, high intensity program designed to get you incredible results in only 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Level 1 is completely bodyweight whereas you just need a pair of dumbbells for level 2.
  • What results should I expect from the program with so much variety of movement? 

    You will not only be physically stronger and fitter but you will also be mentally tougher. These workouts are tough and meant to push you but also show you that you can push yourself more than you thought was ever possible!