Women Strong Sale for International Women's Day

What programs are included in this sale?

  • PHIIT Strength
  • PHIIT Strength Pro
  • PHIIT Mom
  • 21Strong
  • PowerAbs for Performance
  • SuperPHIIT

How much is the discount?

The above-mentioned programs are marked down over 80% to $14.95!

How long is the Women Strong Sale?

The sale runs Saturday, March 3, 2023 through Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Is there a coupon code for the Women Strong Sale?

Nope!  We've made it easy by already marking the above-mentioned programs down to $14.95!

When will I receive my purchased programs?

You'll have immediate access to your purchased programs through our online portal.
Be sure to check the email address you used to make the purchase - as it will have all of your login and account access information.  (Check the spam folders if you don't see it!)

When can I start my programs?

You can start these programs immediately!

Mar 3, 2023

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