How they are different

PHIITTEST requires dumbbells for both levels.

It is even more advanced with the movements and combinations than PHIITTER.

It is recommended to do PHIITTER with dumbbells before doing PHIITTEST.

How they are similar

They are both full body workouts in only 10 minutes.

You choose a dumbbell weight that is suitable for you.

You will get your heart rate up and sweating within the 10 minutes.

You will push yourself in each workout.

They include a variety of movements that will work your entire body from head to toe.

Who SHOULD do this program based on expectations/results they’re looking to achieve? If they are looking to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. This includes burning calories and fat as well as building muscle. If they want to be pushed to the max in a short amount of time. If they want to improve their fitness and get healthier. It will also increase muscle definition in your entire body.

Who SHOULDN’T do this program based on expectations/results they’re looking to achieve? If you are looking for a bodyweight only program. Those not looking to get their heart rate up or those that have injuries that inhibit movement. Someone looking for a low impact workout.

Will there still be emphasis on EMOMS, AMRAPS, TABATA? Have we ‘upped the ante’ with these three approaches to workouts? Yes, there are these styles of workouts but they include more difficult movements and combinations which will push you even more! The times are longer and the moves are tougher so it will push you to the max in 10 minutes.

Dec 3, 2022

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