How do I get to day 2?

At the bottom of the Day 1 workout, there is an arrow that will bring you to the next workout.

Towards the top of the screen, right next to Back To My Programs, you will see Course Contents! Once you click on that, it will bring up all of the Workouts in the program to choose right away!

Additionally, in the bottom right hand corner, there is a little paper and pencil icon. If you click on that, it will also bring up all of the workouts in the program.

Once you click on the Workout that you desire, be sure to click the "X" in the bottom right hand corner. This will bring you right to the workout! There are 5 videos in the program (10 in Summer PowerAbs). The videos rotate throughout the month, so you will repeat the 5 (or 10) videos throughout the month! You can check your calendar to see which videos you are supposed to be doing on which days. Week Two kicks off with Day Two and rotates from there.

Jul 18, 2022

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