How they are different

Has more difficult movements and combinations.

There is less rest.

It is recommended to do PHIIT or have training in high intensity fitness before doing PHIITTER.

How they are similar

One level is bodyweight only, the other level is bodyweight and dumbbells.

They are both full body workouts in only 10 minutes.

You choose a dumbbell weight that is suitable for you.

Who SHOULD do this program based on expectations/results they’re looking to achieve? Anyone who is looking to get more fit, build muscle, burn fat, and doesn’t want to use any equipment or just a pair of dumbbells. Also anyone who is short on time and wants to get in a great 10 minute workout and be drenched in sweat by the time they are done! Anyone who is looking to improve their endurance especially in shorter time domains- less than 15 minutes.

Who SHOULDN’T do this program based on expectations/results they’re looking to achieve? Those not looking to get their heart rate up. Those who are not looking to push themselves for their fitness. People who are just looking to build muscle and focus on just strength training. Those who do not have a background in high intensity training.

Will there still be emphasis on EMOMS, AMRAPS, TABATA? Have we ‘upped the ante’ with these three approaches to workouts? Yes, there are these styles of workouts but they include more difficult movements and combinations which will push you even more! The times are longer and some of the actual rest is built in “active recovery” so you keep moving and increase the intensity.

Nov 29, 2022

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